MPLS/Private Networks

Using a range of access technologies we can connect your business sites together to create a private WAN.

Smaller sites with lower bandwidth requirements could take advantage of cost-effective products such as FTTC. Similarly, larger sites with high bandwidth requirements can connect with dedicated services like EAD.

This service is also perfect for organisations looking to connect directly with major cloud providers. With direct peering options to services like AWS, Office365 and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud – guaranteeing high speed low latency access to these services. Other uses may include centralising your internet breakout and firewalling in one of our co-location facilities.

Our team monitor all the endpoints in your private cloud. Enabling us to detect faults and plan for future capacity keeping your business ahead of the curve.


From £POA a month

Ideal for...

Private access into Azure, AWS or Office365

High capacity private inter-site connectivity

Centralised fire-walling or services like content filtering

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