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Bonded FTTC

A cost effective alternative to a leased line.  We combine 2 or 4 fibre-broadband lines to provide a single, high-speed, internet connection for your business.

Provides great broadband speeds of up-to 300Mb/s

Available nationally in over 3,200 telephone exchanges

Fixed cost connection, no excess construction charges

Why choose Bonded FTTC?

Bonded FTTC is the most cost effective type of connection where high speeds are required. Our managed router bonds up to four fibre-broadband lines together to provide one single connection with a total speed of the 4 lines combined. Additionally, this internet connection is very reliable as if one of the lines goes down the others continue to function.

This service is also great in locations where the line speed of a single connection is not as high as it could be. For example, a business that can only receive 25Mb/s over a single fibre line, could achieve around 100Mb/s with our Bonded x4 package. This provides an ideal alternative to a leased line where excess construction charges can sometimes be prohibitive.

Bonded FTTC x2

Bonded FTTC x2 includes a fully managed router, 24/7/365 monitoring and support

  • Up to 160Mb/s Download
  • Up to 40Mb/s Upload
  • Includes managed router
  • Includes line rental



Bonded FTTC x4

Great for businesses which required a very high broadband connection and UK-based 24/7/365 support.

  • Up to 320Mb/s Download
  • Up to 80Mb/s Upload
  • Includes managed router
  • Includes line rental



*£250 activation fee for Bonded FTTC x2 and £400 for Bonded FTTC x4.  All prices are exclusive of VAT, other terms and conditions apply.

**FTTC speeds are subject to line quality and distance from the cabinet. However, as an open and honest company, we won’t sell you a product where we don’t feel you will get great value and we’ll let you know what speeds we are expecting you to receive in advance so you can make an informed decision. We’ll work hard to resolve any line issues but ultimately if we can’t deliver on our promise you are free to leave.

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Need to go 'Giga'?

If your business requires an even faster connection (up to 1GB/s) or extreme reliability (target 100% uptime),  then an Ethernet Leased Line (EAD) might be perfect for your business.

Guaranteed speed & reliability

Ethernet Leased Line (EAD)

Dedicated internet access that never slows down due to 99.9% network availability, ensuring consistent performance.

  • Available nationally
  • Includes managed router
  • 24/7/365 support
  • 5 hour fix SLA


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