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Our team is a problem-solving bunch, focused on delivering the best possible broadband and communication services to our customers. 

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Sustained growth over 10 years

The Go Internet journey on the Isle of Wight started in 2010. Originally known as ‘Nammitnet’ and founded by Trevor Cook, the business rebranded as Wight Wireless 3 years later.

The team then took on a new name and identity in 2018, moving into new larger and more suitable premises in Newport. This is how Go Internet was born.

Thinking outside
of the box

The ability to find solutions in all challenging environments and locations, started to create a reputation for Go Internet. Rural communities that had previously been given no hope of enjoying fast broadband got in touch, and word spread.

Go Internet built a wireless access network around the Isle of Wight and many families were now able to change from 0.5mb/s to 20mb/s. This internet speed jump was really life changing.

Go Internet Careers

We are always looking out for talented individuals who are interested in starting or developing a career within the digital communications sector. We are an expanding business, with opportunities emerging for technical, engineering and customer care specialists.

Our Standards

We are committed to great customer service and have created a set of ‘operation standards’ which our team follows.

Sometimes you can have ultra-fast broadband available – but do you need it for your business? We will provide for you what you need, so the right speed of broadband for what you do. If you don’t download large files every day, then why give you that capability? Its just not relevant – and expensive. We will keep your costs down.

We won’t wait to be asked about emerging tech opportunities, we will tell you what we feel could help your business. This isn’t to sell you more, but just make better use of what you have. Making you smarter users.

Our data monitoring system tracks how your business communications are operating. We can respond immediately to any concerns with engineers standing by ready. We also offer office tours so you can see our monitoring software in action.

One barrier to most businesses understanding tech is unnecessary and often self-indulgent jargon. We don’t do that. We use normal simple everyday words. We don’t patronise, we just speak clearly. And our customers really appreciate that.

We would be delighted to follow up our installation with an annual rolling digital support contract, which will enable you to make the most of emerging technology and opportunities. We will also be clear about how you get the best from your new digital connections. This may mean you need to improve or change things within your home or business, and we will tell your straight, but it will be worth following our advice.

Knowledge base

Read our latest guidance and advice to help to improve your experience with Go Internet.

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