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What is broadband?

Broadband is a word which is in constant use in both business and at home contexts. But what is it?

In simple terms it’s a system that makes it possible for many messages or large amounts of information to be sent at the same time and very quickly between computers or other electronic devices.

When we talk about telecommunications, broadband is wide bandwidth data transmission which transports multiple signals and traffic types and like a telephone line, is always switched on and you have access to it at all times.

Similarly, in terms of internet access, broadband is used to mean any high-speed internet access that is always on and can always be accessed. It’s used by millions and is the UK’s most popular form of internet.

When you choose broadband from Go Internet, you’ll be offered different options and what you choose will dictate the internet speed that you’ll get. Speeds are measured in Megabits per second (Mbps) and this means two things when you’re making your broadband decisions: 

  • Download speed. This is the rate at which data is transferred from the Internet to the user’s computer. 
  • Upload speed. This is the rate that data is transferred from the user’s computer to the Internet.

We can put a package together for you to make sure that it meets your broadband needs and speeds and your expectations.

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