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There is lots of terminology surrounding broadband and the internet and some of it can be confusing so, let us explain FTCC.

This stands for ‘fibre to the cabinet’  and it takes its name from the type of cables taking data part of the way to you home or business. The fibre optic cable is in place from the local telephone exchange to a distribution point (commonly called a roadside cabinet) and this is where the name fibre to the cabinet comes from.

Fibre optic cables make your internet connection much quicker than the old copper variety which is because data can travel over them faster and it takes longer for the signal to deteriorate. Fibre broadband is often called ‘super -fast broadband’ or ‘next generation broadband’ because it offers faster speeds to home and business users

Available to over 90% of the UK, FTCC is the most common type of fibre connection and ensures fast connectivity – faster than ASDL broadband which uses copper cables.

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