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To help you get the best out of the services we offer, our team has prepared a variety of help and support options for you to use. You can search for an answer to your query below or select one of the pre-set options.

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Knowledge base

We prepared dozens of articles within our knowledge base to help you with your Go Internet services.

Maintenance calendar

We carry out regular maintenance on our network to ensure it's in top-shape. View the calendar here.

Service status

If your broadband is malfunctioning, you can see our current service status updates here.

Create a ticket

You can create a support ticket for your account here, our engineers will help you as soon as we can.

Access your account

If you're an existing customer, you can access your Go Internet account here for any billing/service info.

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If none of these items match your needs, you can contact us directly so we can resolve your issue!

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