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Ultrafast Fibre

Experience the internet like never before with Ultra-fast Full Fibre by Go Internet

Full Fibre optic cable right into your home

Available nationally

UK engineers & customer support

Ultrafast Full-fibre Home Internet

 Our fastest most reliable Full fibre internet available accross the UK.

Experience the internet like never before with instant downloads, crystal 4k streaming and latency faster than a gamers trigger finger. Our fuss free service will have you connected simply and quickly.

If you’re not sure whether this would be the right product for you, just send an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help.

Available packages


Full-fibre 100 perfect for most homes with normal usage

  • Up to 100Mb/s Download
  • Up to 20Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router


Very Quick

Full-fibre 200 perfect for most homes with normal usage

  • Up to 200Mb/s Download
  • Up to 30Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router


Really Quick

Full-fibre 300 perfect for most homes with normal usage

  • Up to 300Mb/s Download
  • Up to 50Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router


Mega Quick

Full-fibre 100 perfect for most homes with normal usage

  • Up to 500Mb/s Download
  • Up to 75Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router


Unbelievably Quick

Full-fibre 900 perfect for most homes with normal usage

  • Up to 900Mb/s Download
  • Up to 100Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router


£99.00 activation fee for new connections, £49 activation fee for customers migrating an active full fibre connection from another provider. Minimum term 18 months. We will be transparent about all costs prior to you signing-up. £4.99 Postage and Packing for our Wireless Router.

Need home phone?

Working seemlessly with your full fibre connection, Digital Home Phone will keep you connected with friends and family and it’s built right into our home broadand router.

Go Internet has porting agreements with most of the UK’s major networks, so in most cases we can transfer your existing number into our network free of charge.

Add home phone


Bolt ons

Anytime UK Landline Calls


Anytime UK Landline and UK Mobile Calls


Frequency asked questions

Typically 2-3 working days. For orders placed before 3pm we ship our routers on the same working day.

You will! Full-fibre broadband doesn't suffer with the problems that old copper lines do.

Of course, it just needs to have an RJ45 WAN port and support PPPoE.

Keep in mind that if you'd like home phone your own router may not have the required SIP ATA built in. Not to worry though, we can ship you a sepeate SIP ATA which you can connect to your own router.

If you do want to use your own router let us know in advance, we won't post one out and we'll discount any connection fees by 50%

Yes, we're not fans of CG-NAT it breaks stuff. You'll get a fully routed public IPv4 address.

If you need a static IP, this can be added for £2.00 per month

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