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Isle of Wight Rural Internet

Using wireless technology, our rural internet packages are perfect for customers on the Isle of Wight who don’t have access to fibre broadband.

With no usage limits, no hidden charges and at 30mb/s download speed, this can be the perfect solution for your home or business!

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Our wireless internet packages

Fixed Wireless Access 30 Broadband and Phone

Fixed wireless access broadband with a home phone service, priced at £35 per month, including line rental.

  • 30Mb/s Download*
  • 3Mb/s Upload*
  • Optional call plans
  • Includes line rental
  • Unlimited usage
  • £99 Connection fee

Fixed Wireless Access 30 Broadband Only

Our superfast fixed wireless access broadband without a landline, priced at £27 per month.

  • 30Mb/s Download*
  • 3Mb/s Upload*
  • No landline required
  • Unlimited usage
  • £99 Connection fee

No hidden charges

The price you are given is the price you pay. We pride ourselves on our honest and upfront billing.

Get improved coverage

We use wireless technology to get you service without relying on the limited access to fibre 

Don't rely on old telephone lines

Gone are the days of ADSL, you don’t need a phone to enjoy Go Internet’s Wireless Broadband.

*Unlike broadband through a copper line, wireless broadband doesn’t slow down over distance. However, as with any shared capacity broadband network, it may get congested under exceptional network load. As an open and honest company though, we won’t sell you a product where we don’t feel you will get great value. We work hard to ensure our network capacity is upgraded to service demand but ultimately, if we can’t deliver on our promise – you are free to leave.

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