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Superfast Fibre

Our super-fast fibre optic business broadband is available nationally at speeds of up to 80Mb/s. It’s a great solution for many Isle of Wight & Hampshire businesses.

Great speeds & broadband reliability for your business

Available nationally in over 3,200 telephone exchanges

UK engineers & customer support along your journey

Why choose fibre-optic broadband?

FTTC provides a consistent broadband connection and it’s great for small-to-medium businesses. We provide you with either a standard router or a transparent modem (if  you wish to connect your own firewall device).

If your business has a critical reliance on your broadband connection, then we may have better product for you. If you’re not sure whether this would be the right product for your business, just send an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help.

Available packages

FTTC speeds are subject to line quality and distance from the cabinet. However, as an open and honest company, we won’t sell you a product where we don’t feel you will get great value and we’ll let you know what speeds we are expecting you to receive in advance so you can make an informed decision. We’ll work hard to resolve any line issues but ultimately if we can’t deliver on our promise you are free to leave.

Fibre 40

Our Fibre 40 package is perfect for small-to-medium businesses that need reliable internet access.

  • Up to 40Mb/s Download
  • Up to 10Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router
  • Includes line rental



Fibre 80

Our Fibre 80 package is well suited to businesses requiring faster download and upload speeds.

  • Up to 80Mb/s Download
  • Up to 20Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router
  • Includes line rental



*All prices are exclusive of VAT, other terms and conditions apply. Set-up charges will vary depending on whether we’re taking-over an existing service or installing a new line. We will be transparent about all costs prior to you signing-up.

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Are you a rural business?

If fibre-broadband is not available in your area then why not consider Fixed Wireless Access? This service is delivered through a small dish on the outside of your building and delivers an equivalent performance to fixed-line broadband, but doesn’t rely on a telephone line.

Perfect for rural businesses

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

High speed broadband suited for businesses in locations where fibre or other technologies are not available.

  • Alternative to fibre
  • No usage caps
  • No old phone lines
  • Free static IP


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