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Rural Wireless Internet

Our fixed wireless access broadband packages provide a great alternative for rural businesses on the Isle of Wight which don’t have access to fibre broadband or other technologies. It’s an affordable option with no usage limits.

Uncapped usage, giving your business full flexibility

Covers areas with no fibre broadband option

Doesn't rely on an old telephone line

Why choose fixed wireless access?

Fixed wireless access (FWA) doesn’t rely on an old telephone line, which slows down over distance. Our connection retains its full speed at up to 5km from our base station, which are located around the Isle of Wight.

FWA will provide an equivalent performance to that of a good fixed-line service. It’s also a perfect solution for areas not reachable by fibre-broadband.

Available packages

Browse our fixed wireless access packages below. You will have to pay a one-off connection fee. Connection prices start from £150 and may increase depending on the complexity of the installation. We always provide a full quotation on any installation exceeding our standard installation charge.

As with any shared capacity broadband network, it may get congested under exceptional network load. As an open and honest company though, we won’t sell you a product where we don’t feel you will get great value. We work hard to ensure our network capacity is upgraded to service demand but ultimately, if we can’t deliver on our promise – you are free to leave.


30Mb/s Business 'Lite'

This package is ideal for businesses that need reliable internet connectivity, in a rural location at a great price.

  • 30Mb/s Download
  • 3Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router
  • No landline required



30Mb/s Business 'Max'

Better for businesses that share larger files via the internet – if you need more upload speed, go for the ‘Max’.

  • 30Mb/s Download
  • 10Mb/s Upload
  • Free wireless router
  • No landline required



*£149 activation fee, all prices are exclusive of VAT, other terms and conditions apply.


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